I do a podcast with the philosopher Tamler Sommers, called Very Bad Wizards [verybadwizards.com]. They're the kinds of conversations that will test our tenure. (We started recording the podcast for this project in Costa Rica [vimeo.com]). 

"That's Disgusting!" [bbc.co.uk] BBC World Forum audio episode, where I got to chat with other researchers about the emotion of disgust. 

David Dobbs' thoughtful (and entertaining) piece on our paper about motivated moral reasoning: Kill Whitey. It's the Right Thing to Do [wired.com]

Talking to Richard Dawkins for his documentary: Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life [youtube.com]. 

My TED talk, The Strange Politics of Disgust [ted.com]. 

Paul Bloom and I discuss human morality, emotion, and rationality [bloggingheads.tv].

New York Magazine article "Born This Way: The new weird science of hardwired political identity.

Spanish radio interview for Basta del Todo [radio.bilinkis.com]